Monday, October 14, 2019

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Promotion content


Punchline:Ride with Pride

Commuting is an integral part of your daily life.

And we know how valuable your time is ! 

Take a ride in TTC:
- Subway to beat the traffic with a faster, convenient commute
- Streetcars for a quick hop in the busy downtown, and skip parking hassles
- Buses having wide coverage of routes with a good frequency

Save time and ride with comfort !

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Creative !deas: Teaser and Reveal Campaign

Objective: is to create a communication (teaser and reveal) that helps the people of Aegon Religare Agency to exercise change management through LEAD, a program devised to bring that change.

Teaser mail : Key message is that change is good
Reveal mail: LEAD is the harbinger of change.

My ideas for this campaign :

Idea 1:
Visual: A basketball team trying hard, dodging the ball, dunking and unsuccessful in scoring goal, all in struggling positions
Headline: To score the goal of success, a need for change in the process is fundamental. So, what is the key to this fundamental.

Visual: The basket ball team with two guys passing the ball, and the ball’s very close in for a goal.
Healine: We call this fundamental to your success as LEAD, an initiative for an indispensable change. Integrate and function as a process, implement this change and taste the flavor of success.

Idea 2:

Visual 1: A group trying hands on “dahi handi” to crack the handi; approach is in a scattered manner revealing lack of co-ordination.
Headline: Change is indispensable. To succeed is vital. So, what discipline does it call for?
Visual: The same group approaching with an integrated effort, managing to  crack the handi.
We call this discipline for change as ‘LEAD’, an initiative defined for your success. Working in integration is the key to our success. Exercise this change and feel the difference.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

An Amazing Day Scheduler for your Special One !

Do you intend to make your near one (the recipient) feel special on this birthday or on the next upcoming event ?

P.S. The recipient may be anybody from your family, your friend or to be partner .

Here's a concept, which you can apply by slightly tweaking it based on your relation with the recipient and the way you intend to drive the surprises throughout the day.
Unfold your day plan with a greeting and gift at frequent intervals:
You can think of wishing him/her with small surprise greeting cards throughout the day, as illustrated in the image below. And if you club the it with a gift, it will be an absolute wonder.

Its important for you to be familiar with the likes of a recipient. You can buy gifts that maps to the recipients liking, blend it beautifully with a greeting card and present it.

It will be a good idea to give a bouquet early morning with a small greeting card. Another option would be to give a box of pastries or muffins during breakfast with another greeting card. Club a greeting card with other surprises like a movie ticket, visit to an orphanage, lunch with family and friends, home theater, candle light dinner, and more.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Birthday: A Beautiful Surprise !

Looking for a personalized Birthday or Anniversary card ?

Searching for unconventional way to express your emotions, different from the greeting cards that simply have recipient photographs printed on it.

Here's an idea. Make a card with an abstract design and depict qualities with excellent visuals and an effective message.

Below, is an anniversary card with the theme as a "Chess Board". The image (Queen) at the center of card, represents the recipient, and the exemplifies the importance of the recipient in his/her life.

By slightly tweaking the image and recipient characteristics, the card can be designed and given as a surprise on  Birthday, Anniversary or any other event..

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Contemporary Invitation, the historical way

Wedding Invitation Letter:

A wedding invitation letter is sent to the invitees three to four months prior to the wedding. It contains very specific information about the occasion and is meant to seek confirmation from the invitee.

Have you ever thought of using one of historical ways of communicating in this era when, social media does all the magic of communication within seconds.

If not, then here's an idea.

A Post Card !

With specific pointers, a post card can be used as a wedding letter invitation as:

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A token of thankfulness

Concept Production

This is a thank you card crafted for out-station guests who have turned up for a wedding event.

Concept: Postcard
Hand made paper is used and a complete touch of a postcard is given. In place of stamp, a sticker depicting a couple is placed and stamped with the text "Married".  The lines ruled below can be used to address the recipient.

Spice up your Spouse this Anniversary !

Concept Production:

Wish to surprise your partner this anniversary !  The unusual way !
So, here's an idea with a strong emotional connect.

Anniversary Card
Three-fold front Page:

Inside page

This is a three fold card, with the first and last page wishing a happy anniversary, with date and some content written on the day plan. The last page ends with - "But..... I have not planned any".

The other side of the card i.e. the inner section, comprises of a personalized verse, a schedule of activities and a section provisioning for gifts your partner can opt.

The schedule of activities comprises of  simple indicators, as actual surprises can be given as the day unfolds.

An option of gifts is given so that your partner can select the options on the fly, and you need to meticulously make arrangements and the customize your day plan accordingly.

The images express that you are quite happy on this day, that you are willing to spend the day in an  adventurous  way, and indicate your intent to spend quality time at exotic locations in future, if not this time.

Main headlines are written in French language, so by the time your partner struggles and understands the meaning, you would have done the magic.

Wedding Invitation Letter - A Touchy Invite

Production Concept :

Are you looking for an innovative way to surprise your closed ones with a goods news and invite them for a wedding event. Here's an interesting idea.

Concept:  Newspaper
This is a Wedding Invitation Letter, which is usually sent 3-4 months in advance prior to the wedding date. 


The entire content for invitation is given in the main article. Other sections include a greetings and a personal invite by nephew.

Creative !deas: ISC's Annual Report

Subject: Effective Front Page Ad for the annual report of ISC (Indian Steel Corporation).

My set of ideas with the text and visual:

Idea 1:
Visual: As below; incorporate close up of laborer (wearing a safety helmet) looking at this sea-link with a smile.


Nurturing a resilient tomorrow.

Harboring your happiness.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Logo Design: Text Only

Subject: This logo is proposed for an organization launching a public awareness campaign, promoting understanding of criminal justice policies that are effective, evidence-based and human rights compliant. Logo Text.

Concept: A Weighing scale with the 'A''s hanging on both ends are used to portray the meaning of Balanced and a hammer typically used by the judge is used as a 'T' in Justice.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Creative !deas: Cadbury's Dairy Milk launch

Subject: Print Advertisement for the launch of Cadbury Dairy Milk's new orange flavor

My set of ideas:

Idea 1:

Headline:  Aapki khushiyon ko de ek rangeen swaad. (Language: Hindi)

Copy Body:
Cardbury Dairy Milk introduces the new fruity flavor – the smooth orange. The silk in orange flavor offers a fresh, energetic taste and takes your spirit to a new high. An exquisite blend of orange pulp and dark chocolate, this silk smoothly fills every moment in joy.

So, try the new Cadbury Silk Orange and taste the flavor of happiness.

Visual: A student in his school opens his lunch box which has a Cadbury silky orange. His friend rushes to exchange tiffins and share his joy.

Idea 2:

Headline: Bhar de pal pal mein mithas. (Language: Hindi)

Body Copy: (Text in Quotes - Language: Hindi)
Cardbury Dairy Milk Silk in a new orange flavor, a blend of dark chocolate and orange pulp.

“ Ek anokha swaad, 
  Jisme hai sukoon ka raaz,
  Jo aapko de ek naya andaz,
  Fir na karo intazaar,
  Khao Cadbury Dairy Milk Silky Orange
  Aur bhar do pal pal mein mithas”.

Visual: A person standing in a queue in a super market for billing can’t hold on for his turn, and with loads of items in his trolley, picks up the Silky orange bar, and starts enjoying the bar prior to billing and payment.